Characters in Imagine Language & Literacy

Booster is Imagine Language & Literacy's flagship character; he's a robot that helps BOOST your students' knowledge and confidence.

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With the product's 20th anniversary in 2024, new characters called Mazels came on the scene. Learn all about them in the tables below; they are grouped by their hang-out locations.

Habitat: The Book Club Clubhouse

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Lexi, Blurb, Lexi’s little brother Kamus, and Blurb’s little sister Novella are the students’ peers, joining them on their journey to become better readers. Novella and Kamus are working hard on their foundational reading skills so that they can fully participate in Lexi and Blurb’s Book Club.

Picture Name Description
mazel_blurb.png Blurb
  • Novella's older brother
  • Loves to talk
  • Not afraid to try a new word
  • Stars in the following activities:
    • Think Aloud with Blurb
    • Lexi and Blurb's Book Club Selections
    • Story Inventory



Nifty Name Note: Kamus (kam-MOO) is from the Arabic word "qamus," meaning "dictionary."

  • Lexi's little brother
  • Cautious
  • Stars in the following activities:
    • Meet the Phonemes
    • Listen to a Story
    • Read-Along Comprehension



Nifty Name Note: Lexi is short for “Lexicon.”

  • Kamus's older sister
  • Quiet, responsible
  • Loves to write
  • Stars in the following activities:
    • New Word Arrivals at the Gab-n-Go
    • Lexi and Blurb's Book Club Selections
    • Story Inventory
    • Write it Out with Lexi


  • Blurb's little sister
  • Excited to learn
  • Stars in Listen to a Story
Habitat: The Letter Museum

Letters are the building blocks of literacy, and Dr. Phoenician is the Lady of Letters, the Academic of ABCs, the PhD of Phonics ready to help Novella, Kamus, and their friends learn about letter shapes, letter sounds, and phonemic awareness. She frequently goes on amazing adventures to collect new letter specimens to exhibit at the Letter Museum.

Picture Name Description

Dr. Phoenician


Nifty Name Note: Dr. Phoenician is named for the Phoenician alphabet, which was one of the earliest forerunners of the alphabet we use today.

  • Works at the museum
  • Knowledgeable and adventurous
  • Stars in the following activities:
    • Meet the Phonemes
    • Recognize Letter Sounds
Habitat: The Gab-n-Go Word Bodega

Ever find yourself at a loss for words? Then look no further than the Gab-n-Go! Mr. G keeps his bodega fully stocked with a plethora of handy words, perfect for any occasion! The magnitude of his vocabulary is rivaled only by the amplitude of his mustache, and Mr. G loves sharing his latest word arrivals with students. Just don’t say the words too loud -- you don’t want to wake the cats!

Picture Name Description

Mr. G

Nifty Name Note: 
Mr. G’s name celebrates James Paul Gee, a pioneer in educational game design.

  • Gruff
  • Loves showing kids things
  • Stars in the following activities:
    • New Word Arrivals at the Gab-n-Go
    • Word Survivor (voice only)
mazel_cats.png Mr. G's cats
  • Be on the lookout for these cats to make guest appearances throughout the program.
Habitat: Nature
Picture Name Description



Nifty Name Note: Because Alva and Shawn Dean are the Mazel community’s resident rays of sunshine, both of their names have associations with the sun. Alva’s name comes from the Portuguese word "alvorada," meaning “dawn.”

  • Outdoorsy
  • Opinionated, ready-to-go
  • Stars in Name that Word!

Shawn Dean


Nifty Name Note:  Based on her sunny disposition, Shawn Dean’s name originates from the Diné (Navajo) word "sháńdíín," meaning “ray of sun." 

  • Outdoorsy
  • More laid-back than her counterpart, Alva
  • Stars in Name that Word!
Habitat: The Recording Studio

Recording yourself speaking, singing, or reading aloud can be daunting. Fortunately, Boom, Slider, and their state-of-the-art recording equipment are here for all of your audio needs! Boom has a real eye for talent, having worked with some of the biggest Mazels in the industry. Joining him is his apprentice Slider, whose accomplishments include “listening to the radio,” “calling into a radio station,” and “winning a radio contest.” Together, they will work their hardest to get the best performance possible, turning your students into stars! 

Picture Name Description
mazel_bloom.png Boom

Nifty Name Note: Boom is named for a boom microphone. 

  • A/V guy
  • Knowledgeable and in charge
  • Stars in the following activities:
    • Sing and Chant
    • Be a Recording Artist
    • Think Aloud with Blurb
mazel_Slider.png Slider

Nifty Name Note: Slider is named for the slider bars on a sound board.  

  • A/V guy along with Boom
  • Still learning the ropes
  • Stars in the following activities:
    • Sing and Chant
    • Be a Recording Artist
    • Think Aloud with Blurb
    • Note This

Our last character is not a Mazel, but we love her anyway.

Habitat: Space
Picture Name Description

Nina Lemur


Nifty Name Note: Nina “Laser” Lemur got her call sign (“Laser”) as a Space Cadet when she identified 200 high-frequency words in a row with pinpoint accuracy. 

  • Fearless space explorer
  • Daring, dashing, and with excellent diction, she traverses the galaxy in search of new and exciting high-frequency words
  • Stars in Word Survivor
  • Makes a cameo appearance as a bobblehead in Note This