Student Screens in Language & Literacy

Multi-Product-Client Login Screen

Students accessing Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Español will use this login screen.

This image shows the Imagine Language & Literacy login interface.

Product Screen

Students assigned to both Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Español will see these available products on the Product Screen. The student clicks on the desired product to start a session.

Student screen

Benchmark and Placement Test Introduction and Testing Conclusion Screen

When a student begins a benchmark test, they'll see this screen with accompanying audio saying, "This is a test. Do your best!" Students will also see this screen at the conclusion of testing.  

Student screen

Placement and Benchmark Test in Progress Notification 

A Booster icon will display in the bottom-left corner of the screen once a benchmark or placement test begins, with the accompanying text, "Test in Progress." When a student completes the test, the icon and text will no longer be visible. 


RLA Screen

Students who have started the Reading Level Assessment test will see this screen.

Student screen

Inactive Student Session

Users will see this screen if the app is waiting for input and hasn't received it after a set amount of time. After 10 minutes of this prompt being on the screen, the user will be automatically logged out. Usage time will only reflect the time that the student was active in the product and will not include the 10 minutes this screen was shown.

Student screen

Something Went Wrong Screen

This screen will show to a user when a network request couldn't complete. Users can click on More Info to get more insight into what went wrong.

Student screen

End of Session Screen

Students who have completed their assigned time will see the End of Session Screen. On this screen, they'll see how many activities, books, and words they learned during that session. A breakdown of Booster Bit totals is also presented.

Student screen

End of Content Screen

If a student has completed all assigned content, they will encounter this screen each time they log in. Action items are provided to the student and teacher on what available options are available at this point.

Student screen