Viewing, editing, and deleting classes/groups (New rostering experience)


The steps in this article apply only if you have selected to self-roster accounts individually.

This article applies to the following products:

  • Imagine Language & Literacy, Imagine Español, Imagine Reading, and Imagine Lectura
  • Imagine Galileo K–12
  • Imagine MyPath, Imagine Science Corner, Imagine Purpose

Teachers and Administrators can view, edit, and delete classes/groups in the products listed above. Included in editing is the ability to change the products associated with the class or group.

Editing and deleting are done from the Classes/Groups page, which contains a list of all classes/groups in your purview. 

To view/locate classes and groups:

  1. Log in to the Product Portal and click Users & Classes/Groups.
  2. Click Classes/Groups at the top of the page.
    classes group tab.png
    The Classes/Groups tab opens with a list of all the entities you have access to. By default, the table is sorted alphabetically by name, A–Z. Click on the Name column header to reverse the sort order.
    name 3.png
  3. Use the search bar at the top of the page to locate a specific class/group. You can search by full or partial name or external assigned ID. Type your search term and then click Enter or the magnifying glass to see the results. (You can clear the results later by clicking the X.)
  4. To view a list of classes/groups that meet your specifications, click the arrows to open the filters
    classes arrows.png

    The table below explains each filter.
    Field Description
    Products Select 1 or more products the classes are associated with. Alternately, you can choose None to see which classes/groups are not currently tied to a product.


    Associating a product with a class/group does not assign product access to the students in that class; instead, it helps with filtering and reporting options for educators.

    Sync Status

    Choose to view records that are:

    • Synced (from automated imports via Clever, ClassLink, or SFTP)
    • Unsynced (manually created in an Imagine Learning tool or product)

    Synced records have a lock symbol to the left of the class/group name. 

  5. Click the box(es) to apply the filter(s). The number of boxes you've checked in each filter displays in a blue circle to the right of the filter name so you know how many items you've selected.
    classes filters.png
  6. The filters are cumulative. This means that classes/groups must match all the filters you select in order to display in the results. If no results are found, you will receive a notification. Click Clear All Filters to reset the filters and start over. 
    classes clear all filters.png

To edit a class/group:

  1. Follow the instructions in the Viewing Classes/Groups section to find the applicable class or group.
  2. Click the three dots for the applicable entity, then choose Edit Details or Edit Products.
    edit details class.png
  3. Make the desired edits. Refer to the Adding Classes/Groups article if you need additional information on each field.


    If the record was created through a sync (automated import), most fields will not be editable. You must make the changes on the files that get sent to Imagine Learning, and then the record will update accordingly inside the Product Portal.

    • Edit Details allows you to change the name, external assigned ID, organization/school (if you have access to multiple schools), and educators.
      edit details classes.png
    • Edit Products allows you to change the product(s) associated with the class/group.  
      edit products classes.png
  4. Click Save at the bottom of the window.

    save button classes page.png

  5. The class/group is updated and you'll receive a confirmation at the bottom of your screen.

To delete a class/group:

  1. Follow the instructions in the Viewing Classes/Groups section to find the applicable entity.
  2. Click the three dots, then choose Delete.
    delete class.png
  3. In the confirmation window, click Yes, Delete.
    yes delete class.png
  4. You'll receive a confirmation at the bottom of your screen, and the entity will no longer display in the list of classes/groups.