Expected Lexile® Growth in Imagine Language & Literacy


Lexile® measures are provided in Imagine Language & Literacy only for those students who take the Reading Level Assessment. This assessment must be enabled by an administrator in order for students to take it. 

The MetaMetrics® company developed the Lexile® Framework for Reading, which measures the following two items on the same scale:

  • a student's reading ability
  • the text complexity of reading materials

The framework then reports these characteristics as a Lexile measure – a number followed by an “L.”  MetaMetrics found that students demonstrated the following average growth in Lexile measure per academic year: 

Grade Level Expected increase in Lexile Measure from BOY to EOY
4 139L
5 122L
6 104L
7 87L
8 69L
9 52L
10 34L
11 17L


After students complete the assessment, their results can be found in the Growth section of the educator portal. To view your students' Lexile growth, follow the steps in this article