Administering Pre-tests and Post-tests in Imagine Math Facts

Imagine Math Facts provide Pre-tests and Post-tests to assess whether a student has mastered specific math facts. Students receive a 15- 20 minute Pre-test before they start an operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) to determine which math facts they already know. After students have completed an operation, they receive a Post-test to determine which math facts they have mastered. After the Post-test, students can then exit the operation or retake the Post-test to earn a higher score.

  • Students who score 95% or better on the Post-test meet one of the requirements for unlocking Ninja Mode. 
  • Students that score 90% or better on a Post-test receive a certificate for passing the operation that displays their Pre-test and Post-test scores.
  • Students who score below 90% on a Post-test receive additional practice on the math facts that they missed. After practicing the math facts they missed and showing mastery in retention, they retake the Post-test.

Here's what to do before students take their first test, how to monitor students as they test, and how to view student reports and test results. If students run into problems while taking a test, check the Troubleshooting section for help. 


Imagine Math Facts determines which math facts a student has mastered and then optimizes fact order and instruction to maximize retention for the facts that students have not yet mastered. Teachers and Administrators can reorder operations, but not individual math facts.

Before students log in to Imagine Math Facts:

  1. Prepare your device or laptop hardware. Students using Imagine Math Facts should be using devices that they are familiar with, if possible. For more information, see Imagine Math Facts System Requirements.
  2. Print start cards. Students will need their start cards to access the test. Print a start card for each student, so they know how to log in to Imagine Math Facts. For more information, see Printing student start cards in the Imagine Math suite.
  3. Change students' support language, if necessary. By default, students can read the menu settings in English. You can change the menu language to Spanish by following the instructions in Enabling Spanish language support in Imagine Math Facts.

Introducing students to the Pre-test

  1. Show students how to log in. For students who log in via Use a projector or smartboard to show students the Imagine Math login screen and how to enter their username and password. Show students how to use the Show (mceclip0.png) icon above the Password field to see their password as they type it. Allow extra time to help students who need help logging in. 


  2. Explain to students why they need to complete the Pre-test. The test results tell Imagine Math Facts which facts the students already know and which facts they need to practice, so the program delivers the "just right" practice for each student.

Monitoring students

  1. Monitor your students as they use Imagine Math Facts and encourage them to stay on task. Ensure that students don't receive help answering questions.
  2. Parents who monitor their students at home should not help their students answer questions in Imagine Math Facts. For more information about using Imagine Math Facts at home, see Using Imagine Math Facts at home.

Viewing student results

  1. As students use Imagine Math Facts, Teachers and Administrators can view individual student results using the Student Progress report or view group results using the Usage report


    Any usage data from Pre-Tests or Post-Tests that students did not finish during their session will not be recorded.


Here are some solutions to problems that you might encounter as students complete a Pre-test or Post-test.

My student doesn't hear any sound
Check the volume settings to ensure that the volume is turned up. Make sure the student's headphones are plugged into the correct jack or USB port.
The computer froze while my student was taking a test
If your student's computer freezes during a test, close the current browser window and log in to Imagine Math Facts again. Your student will automatically restart the test after logging back in.
My student lost Internet connectivity during the test
If you lose Internet connectivity during a test, reconnect and/or restart the student's device. This may also require restarting your student's device. Your student will automatically restart the test they were taking after logging in.