Reassigning the Pre-test in Imagine Math Facts

If a student receives an Imagine Math Facts Pre-test score that doesn't seem appropriate for their skill level, School Administrators and Educators can reassign the Pre-test to the student. You can reassign a Pre-test at any time for any operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) if a student has already taken it. After reassignment, the student receives a new Pre-test the next time they log in to Imagine Math Facts.


Once you reassign an Imagine Math Facts Pre-test to a student, their most recent Pre-test scores are removed and cannot be restored. 

Reassigning a Pre-test will: 

  • Invalidate the student's most recent Pre-test scores. The student's most recent Pre-test scores will display in reports until the student completes the reassigned Pre-test. 
  • Administer the Pre-test to the student the next time they log in.
  • Restart the student in the Imagine Math Facts curriculum.

To reassign the Imagine Math Facts Pre-test

  1. Log in to the Math suite.
  2. From your Dashboard, click Reports > Student Progress in the navigation pane.


  3. Choose the student that you want to reassign the Pre-test to.
  4. Scroll down to the Growth widget, then click Reassign Pre-test.


  5. Click the operation(s) that you want to reassign a Pre-test for, then click Reassign.


    You'll see a notification that the Pre-test you chose has been reassigned. Click OK to close the notification.