Retaking the Post-test in Imagine Math Facts

Administrators and Educators can choose to enable or disable Operation Ordering for a student or a class. When Operation Ordering is enabled, students can't start the next operation until they pass their current operation. Students must achieve a score of 90% on the Post-test for that operation to pass. If a student completes the Post-test but does not pass it with 90%, they'll see their score on the screen and can retake the Post-test until they score 90% on their current operation.


To retake a Post-test in Imagine Math Facts

  1. Log in to the Imagine Math Suite. Select Imagine Math Facts.


  2. On the Home screen, click the operation for which you want to retake the Post-test.


  3. Click Play.


  4. Play through all the levels of the chosen operation. When you have completed all the levels, click See Certificate


  5. Click Continue to retake the Post-test.


  6. Click Retest


  7. Click Yes to retake the post-test. 


  8. You are returned to the beginning of the post-test.