Understanding the Assignment Builder


This article applies to the following products:

  • Imagine MyPath
  • Imagine Purpose
  • Imagine Science Corner

The Assignment Builder enables teachers to prepare and edit personalized assignments for students by providing access to preview all K-12 lessons. These assignments may serve as supplementary materials to complement students' individualized learning paths, offer extra practice opportunities, or provide additional context and support to help students master a specific subject. Teachers have the flexibility to assign these tasks to individual students, multiple students, or an entire class. By using the Assignment Builder, teachers can use more control over the selection and sequence of lessons provided to students as compared to the auto-assigned learning paths.

The differences between Assignment Builder lessons and the lessons contained in the learning paths are explained in the following table. 

Learning Path and Assignment Lesson Differences: 

  Assignments Learning Paths
Student Access My Assignments section in the student portal Subject section in the student portal
Created by Teacher Generated based on the assessment results
Mastery Check  At the end of a lesson At the beginning of a lesson
Number of Mastery Checks One One or more
Due Date Optional None
No longer available to Students  Teacher closes or deletes, or upon student completion Closed upon student completion of Passed or Not Passed
Educator View of Student Data Student progress displayed in Assignment Summary Student progress shows in reports 
Order of lessons Arranged by Teacher and can be edited Arranged by Learning Path automatically based on Assessment results, and cannot be changed

Educator experience:

The Assignment Builder provides teachers with the following tools and resources:

  • Lesson Explorer to find and preview lessons
  • Assignment Drafts to organize lessons you're in the process of compiling and assigning
  • Assignment Wizard to assign lessons to selected students (Assignment data is visible only to the Teacher who assigned that data)
  • Assignment Summary to review student progress and edit the assignment

ABLD_assigned view_no form.png

Student Experience

Students who have assignments will see a My Assignments card on their homepage. By clicking it, they will be directed to the My Assignments page, where they can access their new or ongoing assignments. After selecting a particular assignment, they will be taken to their course map, which presents the lessons in the order specified by the teacher. If a student exits a lesson before completing it, they will resume where they left off when they return to that specific assignment. 

std my assignments.png