Using the teacher dashboard

Teachers are taken to the home page upon logging in. From there they have the ability to view and create classes and access additional features and functionalities that enable efficient management of their classes.



Title Description
Login URL

Click View Login URL to view and copy the login URL for MyPath.

Teachers can provide this link to other educators and students for login assistance. This can be helpful to those who are not using single sign-on.

Username and profile

Teacher's name and the name of the school. 
Click the name dropdown arrow to open the profile page, or log out of MyPath.

Change views

Switch the class view ( switch_view.png ). The list view (not shown above) lists the class name, teacher, subject, and status of the class in a table.

The list view includes the option to apply filters

Active Filters: Currently selected filters. 

Subject: Available subjects.

Type: Educator role, options include District Administrator, School Administrator, or Teacher. 

Status: Indicates the status of the educator's account as Active or Inactive.


Create Class Click the button to create a new class.
Left Sidebar (LSB)

The left sidebar provides quick access to features and essential data. The LSB is “static,” which means the buttons do not change; it remains accessible on every page in MyPath. 

Classes  Displays created classes. Create a class if the Classes view is empty. 

Select more options ( more_options_upd.png ) at the right of the class to activate or deactivate it.

Resource Center

The Resource Center (question_mark_upd.png) includes:

What's New lists new features.

When accessing the Help Center within MyPath, users are authenticated for all pages available in the Help Center.