Using the Pause menu to access progress and options in Imagine Math Facts

As a student, you can pause Imagine Math Facts at any time in order to access progress data and settings. 

From the Pause menu you can: 


To enable the Pause menu features, you must be logged in as the student or looking over the student's shoulder as they work in Imagine Math Facts. Some student settings can also be managed from the educator portal

Accessing the Pause window (instructions for students)

Computer Tablet
  1. Log in to Imagine Math Facts.
  2. Select a math operation, then click Play


  3.  Press the ESC key at any point in the game to access the Pause menu. You can also press the "M" key on the keyboard.  



Updating the Imagine Math Facts settings

  1. On the Pause menu, select Options


    The Options window displays.


  2. From the Options menu you can: 
    • Change the screen Resolution. The resolution of 1920 x 1080 is the default.
    • Adjust the Brightness and Volume.
    • Switch between Normal and Widescreen views.
    • Switch the game into Friendly mode which disables intense effects when
      students answer incorrectly.
    • Switch the language between English and Spanish.
  3. Click Apply Changes

Viewing your Current Level

For addition and subtraction, the progress indicator is on the right. Completed levels are blue, and levels you haven't started yet are black. The level you are on is the one after the completed levels. Retention levels are not shown separately. The Brain Power field also fills up as you complete each level.

For multiplication and division, the progress indicator is at the bottom of the page. Completed levels are blue, the level you are currently on is green, and levels you haven't started yet are black. Retention levels are labeled with an R. The Brain Power section also fills up a little more with each level you complete.

Restarting a Level

Use this feature to restart your current level. In the example below, following these steps would restart you on level 6.

  1. On the Pause menu, click Quit


  2. Click Restart Level.


Challenging a Level


Challenging an Imagine Math Facts level before playing it all the way through is not recommended.

Imagine Math Facts is designed to carefully monitor your progress to know when you are ready to move from one level to the next. However, the program does allow you to try to pass a level at any time without playing all the way through.

  1. On the Pause menu, click Challenge.


  2. You are teleported to the entrance of the final boss for the challenged level.


Viewing Progress

You can see which facts you've learned in each operation via the Progress Board in the top left corner of the Pause menu. 


  • Green - facts you got correct in a final boss

  • Yellow - facts you are currently learning/working on

  • Blue - facts you got correct in your current level. These will turn green when you defeat the final boss for this level.

  • White - facts you will be asked later

Viewing Usage Data

The Pause menu tracks Active Time Played and Time Remaining for each operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division).  Active Time Played is active time playing the current operation, while Time Remaining is an estimate of how much time you have left in that operation based on how long you've spent in the operation so far. Both fields are in the format H:MM:SS (hours, minutes, and seconds).