Switching avatars in Imagine Math Facts

There are two avatars available in Imagine Math Facts. Scratch has blue shorts and Kandi has a pink shirt and skirt. Sometimes students will select Scratch when they meant to select Kandi or vice versa. Rather than creating a new account for the student and having them lose their progress, just press the key combination Left Alt + Left Shift + K while logged into the student's account to switch their avatars. 


This will need to be done on a computer, and once it's done on a computer the change will propagate to all other devices that the student uses.

The Avatar will not change immediately. When the next level loads (or if the student restarts the level they are on) the avatar should be the one it wasn't before. If the key combination is clicked multiple times, the avatar will be toggled back and forth each time it's clicked, so make sure to click the key combination just once.