Introducing students to Imagine Math Facts

Show this orientation video in either English or Spanish to your students before they start using Imagine Math Facts. It explains everything your students need to know about what Imagine Math Facts is and how to use it successfully.

English narration

Narración en Español

Introducing students to Imagine Math Facts

This short video explains to students how to use Imagine Math Facts to practice fact fluency while exploring exciting worlds with unique challenges. 

After students log in, they'll choose the operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) that they want to work on and click Play. If they don't know which operation to pick, they should ask their teacher. When students begin an operation for the first time, they'll choose which animated character they want to use. Then they'll see a short tutorial that shows them how to use the keyboard to answer questions they'll encounter.

After the tutorial, students will take a Pre-Test to find out which math facts they know and which ones they are still learning. The Pre-Test won't be graded—it's just to make sure that students see the questions that are right for them. Encourage students to do their best and follow the instructions on the screen.

While student are using Imagine Math Facts, they can press the ESC key to see which math facts they're working on, which facts they've mastered, and which facts they still need to learn. They can also pause or quit Imagine Math Facts. To quit Imagine Math Facts, click the X button, then click the X button again to quit. After students log out, Imagine Math Facts will pick up right where they left off when they log back in again.


Click the Closed Caption icon ( icon_cc_final.PNG ) in the video player task bar to display captions so students can follow along as they listen.