Understanding the Action Areas Tool in Imagine Language & Literacy

The Action Areas Tool is an interactive tool that shows the skills and academic standards where your students need additional support. The Action Areas Tool identifies a student as needing additional support with a skill or academic standard when the student scores less than 75% correct on at least 3 activities that assess that skill. Administrators can see which students need support in all groups and students that belong to their organization. Teachers can see which students need support in the groups that are assigned to them.


If you don't have any groups assigned to you or if you don't have any students assigned to your groups, you won't see any student data in the Action Areas Tool.


The Action Areas Tool lets you filter student performance data to identify which students need additional support and then choose Intervention Tools and resources to intervene with those students. You can filter students by group or time period, and sort student performance data by the skill area or academic standard that students need support with.

Once you've identified which students need additional support, you can use specific Intervention Tools like additional activities and printouts to reteach, reinforce, and intervene with students for that skill or academic standard. You can also create and assign a playlist of activities from the Action Areas Tool for students who need additional support with a specific skill or academic standard.

If you need to, you can print information from the Action Areas Tool (such as a list of skills or standards a student needs support with) for record-keeping purposes.