Viewing schools in the Imagine Math suite


This article applies to Imagine Math and Imagine Math Facts.

As a Customer Administrator or District Administrator, you can view all active and inactive schools in your district. Viewing allows you to see the school groups associated with each school (if any), and provides access to other management features. If your school district does not use a SIS (Student Information System), you can also edit information about each school.


If you see Managed by SIS next to accounts or classes, this means your district uses a Student Information System integration tool to manage accounts, classes, and schools within your district. Contact your district's IT staff to find out what information you can manually edit and what has to be done through the SIS.

To view schools in your district: 

District Administrators Customer Administrators
  1. Log in to the Imagine Math suite.
  2. In the Management portion of the left navigation pane, select Schools

  3. The Schools page opens, defaulted to show Active schools. Use the Search feature to quickly locate a school, should you have a large number of schools.


    Schools managed by SIS do not have the Edit or Import links.

    The Schools page displays a list of the schools in your district and provides links for managing each school's account information, classes, educators, students, and the importing of students, teachers, and classes. This table provides further information on each column name or link on the Schools page.

    Term/Field Description
    School Name Lists the name for each school in your district. Clicking on the name opens a page of all classes in the school. 
    Groups Lists the school groups that the school belongs to, if any, for reporting purposes.
    Edit Opens the School page where you can edit school information such as name, time zone, unique identifier, and any associated school groups. If your district has Imagine Math Facts, you can set Imagine Math Facts settings that will be the defaults for every class in the school. 
    Classes Opens the Classes page where you can view and manage any class in that school. 
    Educators Opens the Educators page where you can view and manage staff accounts for that school.
    Students Opens the Students page where you can view and manage student accounts for that school.
    Import Opens a rostering page where you can add students step-by-step or add students or teachers and classes in bulk from a CSV file.
  4. Choose Inactive from the Show drop-down menu to view inactive schools.