What is Think 30?

Imagine Math 3+ students are encouraged to join the elite THINK 30 Club every school year. Students automatically become a THINK 30 Club member when they pass 30 Imagine Math lessons between August 1st and July 31st. Members receive 30,000 THINK bonus points upon completing this goal.  

Almost every month, there will be a new chance to earn additional bonus points based on participating in the current monthly contest. In each of those months, when a student passes five or more math lessons, they can earn 5,000 bonus THINK points. And throughout the school year, be on the lookout for random evening contests. These pop-up contests will challenge students to pass two math lessons and award students a one-time 2,500 THINK point bonus.

Every time students pass a math lesson, they are one step closer to becoming a nationwide THINK 30 Club member.


Students can only earn one THINK 30 Club award bonus per school year. Imagine Math must be running an active monthly contest for the bonus point challenge to be available.