Finding your student's Math Suite username and password


This article applies to the following products:

  • Imagine Math
  • Imagine Math Facts

Sometimes students forget their login information (username, password, or Site Code) and cannot log in to the Math suite. The easiest way to find a student's login information is to print their start card. The card contains your student's login credentials in both written and QR code formats. 

Teachers and Administrators can also follow the directions below to view and change students' usernames and passwords.

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Student login information is determined by your school and managed by Teachers and Administrators. While students can't change their login information, Teachers and Administrators can look up (and also change) a student's username and password if they need to.

To recover student login information:

  1. Log in to the Math Suite.
  2. In the Management section of the left navigation pane, click Students.

  3. The usernames and passwords display. 

  4. If you wish to change a student's username and/or password, click Edit (mceclip3.png) at the far right of that student's row.

    For more information, read Viewing/editing student account information in the Imagine Math suite.



For information on how to recover student Site Codes, see Finding your student's Site Code.