Uploading your bulk-import files (New rostering experience)


The steps in this article apply only if you have selected to self-roster accounts through bulk import

This article applies to the following products:

  • Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Español
  • Imagine Reading and Imagine Lectura
  • Imagine Galileo K–12
  • Imagine MyPath, Imagine Science, Imagine Purpose 

Once your bulk-import rostering templates are filled out, it's time to upload them. Administrators can upload files for classes/groups, student accounts, and educator accounts; Teachers can upload files for classes/groups and student accounts. Each file can contain up to 10K records.

To import your templates:

  1. Log in to the Literacy and MyPath suite.
  2. In the Product Portal, click Users/Classes& Groups.
  3. Click Add, then select Import Records.
  4. Either click Select Document to find and upload a file, or drag and drop a file into the appropriate section—Classes/Groups, Educators, and Students. It must be a CSV file in order to be imported correctly, and you may upload 1 file in all 3 sections simultaneously.
  5. Click Verify Records.

  6. If there is a problem with the import, you will receive a red Error notification: 

    Click Download error document and open the file once it downloads. You'll see a description of what needs to be fixed. In this example, there was a colon separating two products instead of a semicolon.

    Use the X to remove the erroneous file. Then correct the error(s) in the original file, save it, and try uploading it again.


    To request help resolving any errors or difficulties with the rostering process, contact Imagine Learning Product Support.

  7. Once your files have a green Verified status, click Start Processing.

  8. Click Check Import Status.

    When the file is done processing, the status changes to Completed. Your new or updated classes/groups and user accounts are now available.
  9. To exit the rostering tools, go to the top left corner of the page, click the drop-down menu next to Users & Classes/Groups, and select Product Portal