Viewing the Student Progress report in Imagine Math 3+

The Imagine Math 3+ Student Progress Report provides Benchmark Test, usage, and progress data for each student.  You can begin using the Student Progress Report as soon as your students complete the Benchmark 1 Test. You can view the Benchmark Test Report to see if your students have completed the Benchmark Test. Administrators can review Student Progress Reports for any student in their school or district. Teachers can view Student Progress Reports for any students that are assigned to them.  Student Progress Reports update every 20 minutes.

To view the Student Progress reports

  1. Log in to Imagine Math
  2. In the Reports section of the left navigation pane, click Student Progress


  3. Use the search box or scroll to find the student whose report you would like to view.


    Interpreting the Student Progress Report

    The Student Progress Report includes Math Time, Student Performance, Usage Since Last Benchmark Test, Benchmark Detail, and Lesson Activities sections. You can filter reports by group, student, and pathway. Click Print to open a PDF of the Student Progress report that can be printed or saved.


    The Math Time (YTD) section gives a summary of how much time a student has spent using Imagine Math 3+ during school hours and nights and weekends. The year-to-date start time begins as soon as a student starts working in an Imagine Math lesson. 


    The Student Progress Report Math Time section excludes the time students spend taking Benchmark Tests as part of the Math Time calculation. 


    The Student Performance section shows the total percentage of below-grade level and on-grade level lessons a student has passed. 


    The Usage Since Last Benchmark section gives insight into the amount of time a student has spent using Imagine Math 3+, the average number of lessons completed, and the on grade-level passage rate for your student since they last completed a Benchmark Test.



    Imagine Math recommends that students should spend at least 45 minutes per week working in Imagine Math and complete at least 2 lessons per week. Students should pass 70% of their on-grade level lessons.

    Term/Field Description
    Green Bar Green bars indicate that students are meeting or exceeding Imagine Math 3+ recommendations 
    Red Bar A red bar indicates that there is a potential improvement towards Imagine Math 3+ recommendations
    The Benchmark Detail section helps you analyze student Benchmark Test performance throughout the year.  These data points can help you group students, according to proficiency.


    Term/Field Description
    Performance Level

    Gives insight into expected student performance on state-level assessments.

    Quantile® Measure Quantile measures are used to help you measure the student's growth over time. 
    Quantile® Growth

    The difference in Quantile® Measure between the students' Benchmark Tests. 

    Avg.Weekly Math Time Shows the average amount of time the student spent working in Imagine Math 3+ since the last Benchmark Test.
    Avg. Weekly Lessons Completed Shows the average number of lessons a student has completed in Imagine Math 3+ since the last Benchmark Test. 
    On Grade-level Lesson Pass Rage Shows the student's on grade-level Lesson Pass Rate since the last Benchmark Test. 
    Percentile Rank The student's Quantile® Percentile Rank
    The Lesson Activity section gives insight into a student’s progress on lessons for the selected pathway. Click the Lesson Activity drop-down to filter Lesson Activity by grade level. Click the Lesson Title to access the lesson.


    Term/Field Description
    Grade Level This reflects the pathway’s designated grade level. 
    pathwayIconIM.png The pathway icon shows pathway lessons that prepare a student for grade-level content. 
    openpathwayIM.png The open pathway icon shows pathway lessons on-grade level content
    pathwayStopIM.png The gray remediation button in a branch line shows that a lesson was added through pathway remediation. 
    benchmarkRemIM.png The gray remediation button at the end of a branch line shows a lesson added through Benchmark remediation.   
    greenCheckIM.png A green check shows that a student has passed a lesson. 
    yellowTriIM.png A yellow triangle shows that a student has attempted a lesson twice without passing and could benefit from additional teacher support. The lesson was moved to the end of the pathway for a final attempt of the lesson on the pathway.
    redXIM.png A red x shows that a student did not pass a lesson. When a student does not pass a lesson, they will receive a pre-requisite lesson when available. 
    Lesson Title Click the lesson title to access the lesson.  You can use the lesson to review or reteach any part of the lesson with individual students, a small group, or your entire group.
    Pre-Quiz Score (*Test Out) Shows the student's Pre-Test score. When a student scores above 80% on that lesson, an asterisk will appear next to the Pre-Test and Post-Test scores indicating that they have tested out of the lesson. 
    Post-Test Score (*Test Out) Shows the student's Post-Test score. An asterisk indicates that a student has tested out of the test. 
    Time on Lessons Shows the time a student spent on a lesson.


    If you notice a student has spent less than 20 minutes on a lesson, you can remind them to slow down, use the available math help, or journal their work. 

    Date Completed Shows the date the student completed a lesson.
    certifIM.png Click the Certificate icon to print a certificate of success for a student after they have successfully passed the lesson.