Viewing the Student Progress report in Imagine Math 3+

The Imagine Math 3+ Student Progress report provides Benchmark Test, usage, and lesson details for each student. You can begin referencing the Student Progress report as soon as your students complete the Benchmark 1 Test.

Administrators and Teachers can review Student Progress reports for any student assigned to them.

Student Progress reports update hourly.


Student Progress reports only contain information for completed lessons. If a student is in the middle of a lesson, the Usage report captures their time on the program throughout the entire lesson, but the Student Progress report will not update until the lesson is finished.

To view the Student Progress report:

  1. Log in to Imagine Math
  2. In the Reports section of the left navigation pane, click Student Progress


  3. Use the Search box or scroll through the list to find the student whose report you wish to view; then click the student's name to open the report.


    You can also print the report from this page by clicking the printer icon in the Actions column on the far right.

  4. In the right corner of the report's header, the student's Instructional Grade Level displays. This is determined by the student's performance on the NWEA™ MAP® Growth Assessment or the embedded Imagine Math Benchmark. It may be different from the student's rostered grade level.
  5. The body of the Student Progress report includes five sections Math Time, Student Performance, Usage Since Last Benchmark Test, Benchmark Detail, and Lesson Activity.



    The top of the Student Progress report only displays data from the student's performance in your class(es). If you don't see data in the top section of this report, but you know that the student is using the program, it is likely because the student is working on a pathway in another class. Data from pathways that the student is working on in other classes does appear in the Lesson Activity portion of the report near the bottom of the page, but it does not show in the summary section at the top.

    If the student has multiple pathways in this class, try choosing a different pathway from the top right Pathway drop-down menu. If you are an Administrator, try looking for the student in another classroom.

    You can filter reports by classroom, student, and pathway. Click Print to open a PDF of the Student Progress report that can be printed or saved. 

    Each section of the report is described below in order from left to right, top to bottom across your screen.

Math Time YTD

Displays how much time a student has spent using Imagine Math YTD during school hours (7 a.m. to 4 p.m. local time on weekdays) and nights and weekends (all other hours). The year-to-date start time begins as soon as a student starts working in an Imagine Math lesson.  


Time spent working on Benchmarks is not included in this calculation.

Student Performance

The top of this section shows the total percentage of lessons passed.
Below the total are circle graphs providing a break-down of below-grade level and on-grade-level lessons the student has passed.


Students should typically pass a higher number of below-level lessons than on-grade level lessons. The grade-level pass rate should be at least 70%.

Usage Since Last Benchmark


This portion of the report does not populate for students who take the NWEA™ MAP® Growth Assessment.

Provides insight into: 
  • the average weekly time the student has spent using Imagine Math 3+
  • the average number of lessons completed each week
  • the on-grade-level pass rate for your student
since they last completed a Benchmark Test.


Students should spend at least 60 minutes per week working in Imagine Math and complete at least 2 lessons per week. Students should pass 70% of their on-grade level lessons.

The three data points in this section of the report are colored green if students are meeting or exceeding the recommendation and red if they are not.

Benchmark Detail


This portion of the report does not populate for students who take the NWEA™ MAP® Growth Assessment.

This section helps you analyze student Benchmark Test performance throughout the year. The data points can help you group students according to proficiency.
Column Description
Performance Level

Gives insight into expected student performance on state-level assessments.

Instructional Grade Level

The grade level of the content the student is ready to learn. This may be lower than, equal to, or one grade level higher than the student's rostered grade.

Quantile® Measure An indicator of a student's readiness to learn new math concepts and the difficulty of the math materials they encounter.
Quantile® Growth

The difference in Quantile measures between the student's Benchmark Tests. 

Avg. Weekly Math Time The average time each week the student worked in Imagine Math since the last Benchmark Test.
Avg. Weekly Lessons Completed The average number of lessons the student completed each week since the last Benchmark Test. 
On Grade-level Lesson Pass Rate The student's on-grade-level Lesson Pass Rate since the last Benchmark Test. 
Percentile Rank The student's Quantile® Percentile Rank

Lesson Activity


The Lesson Activity section gives insight into a student’s progress on lessons for the selected pathway. 


When students have more than one pathway, changing the pathway at the top of the report changes the data displayed in this section of the report. mceclip1.png

Column Description
Grade Level The lesson's grade level. Optional: Click the Lesson Activity drop-down to filter the Lesson Activity by grade level. 
Pathway symbol Click Show Legend to view a description of the symbol. 
Symbol Descriptor Description
Green Checkmark Indicates a passed lesson.
Red 'X' Indicates a failed lesson. 
Yellow Triangle

A yellow triangle shows that a student has attempted a lesson twice without passing and could benefit from additional teacher support. This lesson will now be added to the end of their individual pathway for a final attempt.

pathwayIconIM.png Blue Dot inside Open Grey Circle

Indicates a pathway lesson that prepares a student for grade-level content. 

Open Grey Circle

Indicates a regularly-scheduled lesson on the student’s pathway (independent of the student's prior performance).  

Big Solid Grey Circle

Indicates a remediation lesson on a student’s pathway as a result of their performance on a Benchmark test. This is only available if "Use Benchmark Test Remediation?" is enabled in the pathway options.

Small Solid Grey Circle

When a student does not pass a lesson, they will receive a remediation lesson inserted into their pathway when available and if "Use Pathway Remediation?" is enabled in the pathway options.

Pathway Lesson Progress Line

Indicates a student’s progress along pathway lessons.

Benchmark Lesson Progress Line

Indicates a student’s progress along the lessons added to his/her pathway as a result of their performance on any Benchmark test.

Lesson Title Click the lesson title to access the lesson in the Lesson Explorer. You can use the lesson to review or reteach any part of the lesson with individual students, a small group, or your entire group.
Pre-Quiz Score (*Test Out) The percentage the student earned on the Pre-Test. An asterisk indicates that a student tested out of the lesson by scoring 80% or higher on the Pre-Quiz. 
Post-Test Score (*Test Out) The percentage the student earned on the Post-Test. An asterisk indicates that a student tested out of the lesson by scoring 80% or higher on the Pre-Quiz. 
Time on Lesson In hours and minutes, the time the student spent on the lesson.


If you notice the student has spent less than 20 minutes on a lesson, you can remind them to slow down, use the available Math Helps, or journal their work. 

Date Completed The date the student completed the lesson.
certifIM.png Click the Certificate icon to print a certificate of success for a student after they have successfully passed the lesson.