Viewing the Mastery report in Imagine Math

Available to both Teachers and Administrators, Imagine Math's new Mastery report breaks down student proficiency correlated to your state's standards or the Common Core standards. It provides both the numbers and the names of students who are developing towards, approaching, and proficient on each standard. It also displays students who have not yet encountered that standard. You can use the report to highlight areas of success and areas for growth, as well as form data-driven small groups for math rotations, intervention, or enrichment. 

The Mastery report updates hourly.


While the new Mastery report is available for both Imagine Math PreK-2 users and Imagine Math 3+ users, an older version of the report is still available for Imagine Math 3+ users. Instructions for accessing both reports are below; to get started, click on the tab of the report you want to access.

To view the Mastery Report:

NEW Mastery Report OLD Mastery Report
  1. Log in to Imagine Math
  2. Under Reports, select Mastery.
  3. The new Mastery Report opens, displaying the number of students in each proficiency level.

  4. Optional: At the top of the report, use the filters to select which data to view.

    mceclip3.pngYou may filter by grade level, classroom, domain, standards (state-specific, if applicable, or Common Core), and/or lesson type (pathway lessons or prerequisite lessons, which prepare students for their pathway lessons).

  5. Hover over each column header for more information on the data in that column. For example, hovering over the Developing, Approaching, and Proficient columns will tell you the cutoff scores used to place students in each category.


  6. Click the chevron to the left of each standard to expand the report and see the names of each student in each proficiency group.
  7. Optional: Print the report as a PDF or Export the report to Excel.