Viewing Imagine Math Facts Usage Reports

View your student's use of Imagine Math Facts by viewing the Usage Report.  Administrators can review Usage Reports for any student in their school or district. Teachers can view Usage Reports for any students that are assigned to them. Usage Reports update hourly. 

Watch this short instructional video on how to use Usage Reports.

To view Usage Reports

  1. Log in to the Math Facts. If this is your first time logging in, choose Imagine Math Facts.


  2. Click Reports > Usage from the navigation panel. 


  3. Type the student's name in the search box or scroll to find the student you would like to view Usage Reports for. The Usage Report shows how much time a student has used Imagine Math Facts. The Overview tab shows the total time a student has spent in each operation and the breakdown between school and home usage.  You can switch between operations and filter the report by group, date range,  or grade level.


  4. Click an operation to see the usage summary.


  5. The Usage Report shows the rostered grade level of each student, the amount of times students spent in an operation, the number of facts they encountered, the facts they have passed, Pre-Test and Post-Test scores.


    You can click a student's name to view their Student Progress Report. Student Progress Reports show individual student Pre-Test and Post-Test scores and student progress towards fact mastery.