Viewing the Student Progress report in Imagine Math Facts

After your students have started working in Imagine Math Facts, you can view their progress using the Student Progress report. The Student Progress report provides a summary of each student's progress toward fact fluency and helps you interpret student performance across all operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division). The report contains three sectionsMastery, Usage, and Growth.

Teachers and Administrators can review the Student Progress report for any student assigned to them, and the report updates hourly.  

To view the Student Progress report:

  1. Log in to Imagine Math Facts

  2. In the Reports portion of the left navigation bar, click Student Progress.


  3. Search or scroll to find the student whose report you wish to view; then click the student's name to open the report.


    You can also print reports directly from this page via the printer icon. Click the arrow by the icon to select which operation you'd like to print. You can print all four operations or an individual operation.


  4. The Student Progress report opens with three sectionsMastery, Usage, and Growth


  5. The Mastery section has two tabs: Fact Mastery and Pre & Post Tests. Both tabs demonstrate to what extent the student has mastered fact fluency for the operation you select in the top right corner.

    After the student takes a Pre-test, click Fact Mastery to see the student's current progress towards fluency for each operation. If a student has passed the math fact in a Pre-test or answered the fact correctly during gameplay, it will appear green, or Proficient. If a student missed the math fact in a Pre-test or answered a fact incorrectly during gameplay, it will appear red, or Developing. If a student has not yet encountered the math fact, it will appear gray. 

    Click Pre & Post Tests to view specific information for each fact on the Pre-test and Post-test. The same color-coding applies as in the Fact Mastery tab.


  6. The Usage section of the Student Progress report shows the Average Weekly Fact Time that a student has spent using Imagine Math Facts and a breakdown of their at-home and at-school use. The progress bars show the percent complete for each operation; to its right is the estimated time remaining until a student completes the operation. For additional usage information, view the Student Usage report.



    School time is from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. local time on weekdays; home time is any time other than school time.

  7. The Growth section of the Student Progress report uses bars to compare the student's Pre-test and Post-test scores for each operation.




    If a student receives a Pre-test score that doesn't seem appropriate for their skill level, School Administrators and Teachers may click Reassign Pre-Test(s) to reassign the Pre-test.

    Students may retake the Post-test any time they aren't satisfied with their results, and they must retake the Post-test if Operation Ordering is turned on and they score less than 90%. 

Watch the first three minutes of the video below to learn more about the Student Progress reports.