Guided Review Mode in Imagine Language & Literacy

Imagine Language & Literacy (IL&L) features a review experience called Guided Review Mode to ensure that students have meaningful activities to keep them engaged after they run out of content for their grade level. Once a student completes their grade-level sequence, they automatically begin Guided Review, which is a grade-specific review lesson composed of hundreds of activities.

Guided Review Mode Content

Each grade level has a single Guided Review Mode lesson that, for most students, should take at least 12 hours of "seat time" to complete. Lessons vary per grade but include content from all strands within each respective grade. Guided Review lessons are linear and do not offer remediation, since that will have already occurred within the system-assigned sequence.

Impact on Student Experience

Prior to the introduction of Guided Review Mode, students encountered an End of Content screen once they completed all content for their grade level path. With the implementation of the Guided Review feature, a student who crosses the end-of-content threshold jumps straight into the first activity of their grade-specific Guided Review lesson and continues working on that lesson without interruption. In the rare event that the student completes the Guided Review Mode lesson before the end of the school year, the End of Content screen displays.


When this happens, you may assign a Playlist to the student or consider enrolling the student in Imagine Reading (if they aren't already enrolled). Contact Imagine Learning Product Support for additional guidance.


You may also want to check your students' usage to see if they are using Imagine Language & Literacy more than the recommended usage time or the goals set by your school or district. If so, consider reducing the amount of time that students spend on the program, especially if you have multiple students completing Guided Review Mode early in the school year.

Reporting Implications

Students working in Guided Review Mode may trigger some discrepancies between Usage and Progress reporting in the educator portal since the review lesson does not show on the Progress report. However, the Guided Review lesson does capture Usage data, award Booster Bits, save student artifacts for the Student Portfolio, and count toward Achievements.

To help resolve potential confusion in data reporting, students working on the Guided Review lesson are identified in the group-level Usage report

How Students Know When They Are In Guided Review Mode 
The transition to Guided Review Mode is seamless for students. They will not be notified that they have entered the review activities. Observant students may notice that they are repeating prior activities; if they mention this, you can verify that they are in Guided Review Mode from the educator portal as described below.

How Teachers/Administrators Know When Students Are In Guided Review Mode

  1. Log in to Imagine Language & Literacy.
  2. If you have more than one group, select a group at the bottom of your dashboard.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the dashboard to the Students  - This Week Snapshot section. A graduation cap (mceclip0.png) appears in the Grade column next to any student currently in Guided Review Mode.
  4. Hover over the graduation cap to see the student's estimated time remaining in Guided Review Mode.
  5. The graduation cap also displays in the Usage report. To see it there, click the arrow at the top of the Usage widget.
  6. Look at the Grade column in the bottom section of your screen.mceclip2.png
  7. Hover over the graduation cap to see the student's estimated time remaining in Guided Review Mode.
  8. When at least one student in the report is in Guided Review, the About this Report section at the bottom of the group-level Usage report contains a more detailed explanation about Guided Review Mode.