Accessing Quantile® Hub resources in Imagine Math

The Quantile® Framework for Mathematics measures the following two items on the same scale:

  • a student's readiness to learn math skills
  • the difficulty of the math materials they encounter

The framework then reports these characteristics as a Quantile® measure – a number followed by a “Q.” The Quantile scale ranges from Emerging Mathematician (below 0Q, noted as EM400Q, for example) to above 1600Q. As a student’s Quantile measure increases, the math concepts they are ready to learn become more complex. Research indicates that students need a measure of around 1350Q for college and career readiness.


Learn more about Quantile measures and the Quantile Framework with these key resources.
For Parents: Quantile Parent Guide PDF
For Educators: Quantile Educator Guide PDF

Imagine Learning has partnered with MetaMetrics®, the company that developed the Quantile Framework, to provide performance levels based on Quantile measures when students take the Imagine Math Benchmark. Information about Quantile measures is also provided in the Lesson Explorer. Furthermore, we direct educators to MetaMetrics's free math resources from within Imagine Math. They provide videos, worksheets, activities, and other tools for educators, students, and parents related to Quantile measures. These resources are especially useful for small group rotations/workstations, intervention, and teacher-led small groups.

To access the Quantile Hub resources provided by MetaMetrics:

  1. Log in to Imagine Math.
  2. In the Content section of the left navigation bar, select Teacher Resources.
  3. At the top of the page, click Quantile Hub Tools.


    You can also visit the Quantile Hub directly at Bookmark the page to return to it later.

  4. The Lexile & Quantile Tools page opens in a new tab.


    Click Register at the top of the page to create an account using your school email. Although not required, registering allows you to access more features than non-registered users. If you are an educator in a MetaMetrics partner state, you will have free Premium membership to the Hub tools. If you aren't in a partner state, you may purchase the Premium membership or register for the Basic+ membership level it's also free and it allows you to save resources to return to them later.


    Click here to learn more about the different membership levels available from MetaMetrics. Please note that the MetaMetrics account you create is completely separate from your Imagine Math login.

  5. Scroll down to the Quantile Tools section. mceclip2.png
  6. Click any of the tiles to explore the resources available. Look for resources based on the Quantile measures of your students


Start with the following resources: 

  • For educators: Math Skills Database Quick Start Guide Search the Math Skills Database for Quantile Skills and Concepts (QSCs) using your state standards. The database contains targeted, free resources appropriately matched to students by Quantile measure and math content.
  • For educators: Quantile Grade Level Charts Quick Start Guide View and print student Quantile measures by grade level. Filter your view by grade(s), time of year, and student population percentiles. 
  • For families and caretakers: Math@Home Quick Start Guide Access free math resources tailored to your student's Quantile measure. Resources include activities, online games, tutorial videos, and worksheets.

To learn how to use all of the tools, visit Hub Support


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