School year reset


This article applies to the following products:

  • Imagine MyPath
  • Imagine Purpose
  • Imagine Science Corner

What is a Data Reset?

data reset is the process of preparing returning customers for a new school year by clearing out old academic data before rostering occurs in the new school year. All resets must occur at the district level, which triggers a concurrent data reset for all schools within the district. 

Reset Window

Each year Imagine Learning will set a universal default date for the reset window. The 2023 universal default reset date is July 28, 2023.

  • Districts that do not respond to their CSM's correspondence regarding EOY processes will be reset on the predetermined reset window.
    • Leave the reset date as the universal default date if your school year and summer school session both end before this date.
  • Districts that want a different reset date must contact their CSM
    • If your school year and/or summer school session end after the universal default date select the earliest possible date after their conclusion.
  • All automated nightly import syncs will pause on the reset date and will be turned back on when your rostering for the new year is complete.

What Data is Archived/Deleted/Retained?

The following table shows what happens to data during the reset.  

Data Action taken for data reset
Educator Accounts



Remove educators no longer with the organization or using the program.

Student Accounts


Inactive students will be removed from any queries, except those specifically for inactive students. Students will remain in this state for 90 days or until reactivated, which occurs when students with the same Username, Student Number, and Tag (District ID for student) are re-rostered.

Archived students will have their personally identifiable information (PII) anonymized, but their IDs will still be searchable.

When students are archived/inactivated student profiles and academic data (such as usage, progress, and answer choices) are retained in the data warehouse. This information can be viewed on the Cumulative Performance Report for the previous academic session but is not accessible using Imagine MyPath.

The stars students earned for completed mastery checks will be reset. 

Deleted students will be completely removed.



Classes associated with the previous school year are archived and are not discoverable in Imagine MyPath. Any classes that are created after the Reset Date are associated with the new school year.



Organizations that do not have a reset date set, such as international organizations, will not have their reset processed.


Normally, international customer accounts do not reset unless the organization has set a reset date in the reset management application for that year. Customers without reset dates will not reset, but this can have a negative impact on rostering, assessments, and reports. We strongly discourage this practice because it can cause problems with reporting and assessments.

Placement Grade

If a student has a placement grade at the end of the year, that grade will be retained and will be used to generate a new learning path in the new school year if the student is reactivated.

Learning Path

Students have a single pathway per subject per year. A new pathway is only created if:

  • The district is reset for the new academic year
  • The student's chronological/rostered grade is changed
NWEA, Renaissance, MyPath Assessment (MPA), or manual placement, adjust the lessons included in the learning path based on the combination of placement grade and student rostered grade. No progress is lost, and completed lessons and active time from YTD student activity are retained.
Learning Paths tagged to the previous school year


Not discoverable in Imagine MyPath, only in the Cumulative Performance Report

Assignment Builder

Reset for the new academic session.

Assessment Windows

New assessment windows are created when the reset triggers the creation of the new academic year. This means if the MyPath Assessment is enabled, students will be prompted to take the MyPath Assessment the day they log in after the reset occurs.