Accessing Imagine Math Grade 3+ Math Journaling

Journaling allows students to express their reasoning and helps them to mind their mistakes. This helps students identify and self-correct their own mistakes, leading to a deeper conceptual understanding. Journaling can be helpful for students during quizzes, annotating their work, share problem-solving strategies, and reflect on what they've learned. Teachers may identify incomplete learning to advise them during their lesson planning. Journaling resources are available in English and Spanish.  

There are many reasons Journaling is important, such as providing a measure of accountability, a place for students to express mathematical reasoning, and allow students to practice using the language of math. Journaling is the number one way to reduce passive clicking by students and help increase their pass rates on Imagine Math lessons. 

The following video explains the practice of student journaling, why it's important, what it should include, and how journaling helps students improve their pass rates, as they work on Imagine Math. 


For additional resources including a Math Journaling Lesson Plan, see the Teacher Resources section of the product located on the left-hand menu under the Content section.

To access the Math journal

  1. Log in to the Math suite and choose Imagine Math.
  2. Click Content > Teacher Resources in the navigation pane.    


  3. Choose Math Journaling: Guided Learning Organizer in the Teacher Resources section.

    Type "journaling" into the search box to find Math journaling resources. 


  4. Print the Guided Learning Organizer from the browser.