Understanding Imagine Math 3+ Math Help and Live Teaching

Imagine Math provides several ways to support students as they work through math activities and lessons, including Math Help and Live Teaching. Show this video to your students to show them how to use the Math Help first and then access Live Teaching to work with a Live Teacher.

Using Math Help

When students need help during a specific math activity, they can click the Math Help button.


Students must be in the Guided Learning or Problem Solving component of the lesson for the Math Help button to be available.


Once in the Math Help, they can click the Help tabs for hints about how to solve the math problem. After they have used both Help tabs, if they need more personalized math help, they can click the Imagine Math Teacher tab to chat with a live certified math teacher during live teaching hours. Students can access a Live Teacher as many times as they need to; there is no limit to how often they connect with a Live Teacher.


Students must use both Help tabs in order to access the Live Teacher.

Using Live Teaching

Once a student clicks Imagine Math Teacher to connect to a Live Teacher, they begin their live teaching chat. Live Teachers and students can work through the math problem using the chat and a digital whiteboard, if necessary.


If you have enabled Spanish language support for a student, the student will begin their session with an English-speaking Live Teacher and then switch to a Spanish-speaking Live Teacher after the student responds in Spanish to the Live Teacher's initial questions.

Imagine Math saves each Live Teaching chat transcript. After a Live Teaching chat session, students can click the Imagine Math Teacher Chats tab to review transcripts from previous Live Teaching chats if they need to. If you as an educator would like a copy of a teacher chat, contact the Imagine Learning Customer Care Team and provide them with the student's username. 



If a student behaves inappropriately or raises a safety concern during a Live Teaching chat, the Live Teacher will email the chat transcript to the student's teacher for review.

Teachers and Administrators should check the Overview Report weekly to monitor how often their students are using Live Teaching and encourage them to use Live Teaching when they need help with math problems.