Using voice-to-text dictation with Imagine Math 3+ Live Teachers

The Imagine Math 3+ Live Teacher chat has one-way audio. Students can hear their teacher talk out loud, but teachers cannot hear students. Therefore, students must respond to their teachers by drawing on the virtual whiteboard or typing in the chat box.

To eliminate typing, students can enable the dictation feature. This allows you to talk instead of type, and the words you say out loud appear on your screen as if you typed them.


This feature is also called dictation, voice-to-text, voice recognition, or speech recognition.

To use the voice-to-text feature (steps for students):

Click on the tab below for the type of device you are using.

Windows Mac
  1. When chatting with a Live Teacher from a computer, place your cursor in the textbox and click the Windows logo key + H

    If you are on a tablet or touchscreen, tap the microphone button


    If you haven't yet enabled speech recognition on your device, the following message may appear at the top of your screen:
    Click this message to be taken to the Settings page, then enable Online speech recognition by turning the selector to On

    Return to Imagine Math, put your cursor back in the textbox, and click the Windows logo key + H or tap the microphone again.

  2. You'll hear a beep and see that the microphone is initializing.
  3. Once the microphone description changes from Initializing to Listening, speak out loud what you want to say to your teacher. The system converts your words into text and the written words appear in the text box. If you are dictating a question, say "question mark" at the end of your question and the system will type the question mark (?) symbol.


    Learn more about speech dictation on Microsoft's website.

  4. Your teacher cannot hear what you are saying, so click Send to send the message to your teacher.