Viewing the Answer Key for Imagine Math 3+ exercises

Teachers and Administrators can look up the solutions to the exercises in the Imagine Math program via the Answer Key within the Lesson Explorer.

To look up an answer:

  1. Locate the Item Number for the particular problem for which you want the answer. This is at the top of the screen as students work through their lesson. From educator logins, item numbers are available in the Activity report for logged in students and while previewing a lesson in the Lesson Explorer.


  2. Copy the item number to your clipboard or jot it down; you'll need it in step 5.
  3. In the Content portion of the left navigation bar, click Lesson Explorer.
  4. In the upper right-hand corner, click Grade 3+ Answer Key.
  5. The lookup window opens. Enter the Item Number and click Lookup Item.
  6. The question appears; click View Item Answer Key to see the answer. mceclip4.png
  7. The correct answer displays with a green background. Click Done with Answer Key at the top of the page to exit that item. mceclip5.png