Printing certificates for lessons passed in Imagine Math 3+

When students pass a lesson in Imagine Math 3+, Teachers and Administrators may print certificates for them from the Student Progress report. The certificates pre-populate with the student's name, the name and description of the lesson, and the student's current avatar.

To print certificates for lessons passed:

1. From Reports in the left navigation bar, select Student Progress.


2. Click the name of the student whose certificate you want to print. 

3. Select the appropriate pathway. 


4. Scroll down to the Lesson Activity portion of the report, and click the prize ribbon to the right of the desired lesson. Only passed lessons will have this icon. 


5. Click Click to Print your Certificate at the top of the new tab that opens.


At this time, there is no bulk print option available, so lessons passed certificates must be printed individually. A request for a bulk print option has been submitted to the development team.