Installing a Media Booster on VMware ESXi

Before you begin, obtain the Media Booster software and a configuration file from Imagine Learning Technical Support. You need to install the Media Booster software on the virtual machine and then add the configuration file.

To install Media Booster software

  1. Select Create/Register VM.

    VM installation screen

  2. Select a creation type by choosing Deploy a virtual machine from an OVF or OVA file, then click Next.

    VM installation screen

  3. Enter the name of the virtual machine, upload the zipped folder provided by Imagine Learning, then click Next.

    VM installation screen

  4. Select storage, then click Next.

    VM installation screen

  5. Provision the disk to be thin, then click Next.

    VM installation screen

  6. Click Finish to provision the virtual machine.

    VM installation screen

To configure the Media Booster for your school

  1. Start the Media Booster virtual machine.
  2. From the login screen, copy the cloud-config.yaml file provided by Imagine Learning to the root directory of a FAT or FAT 32-formatted flash drive.


    This process won't work if you don't use a FAT or FAT 32-formatted flash drive.

  3. Insert the flash drive into the host machine.
  4. Select Console, then select Launch remote console.

    VM installation screen

  5. Select Connect disk name.

    VM installation screen

  6. When the flash drive is connected, the machine shuts down and restarts. When this process is complete, remove the USB from the host machine.


When you have completed the steps to install and start the Media Booster, contact Imagine Learning to verify that the Media Booster is working properly.

After the virtual Media Booster is online, 100 GB of media files will download automatically. The download completion time depends on your Internet connection.