Using the Grouping report to find students who need intervention in Imagine Español

The Grouping report shows Teachers and Administrators which students need additional assistance in key skill areas. Teachers can see which students need support in the groups that are assigned to them. Administrators can see which students need support in all groups in their organization.

The Grouping report forms intervention groups for you so that you can reteach the applicable concepts to students in offline sessions.

To access the Grouping report:

  1. Log in to Imagine Español.
  2. If applicable, select a group.
  3. Click Grouping Report at the top of the page.
  4. By default, the report opens with the Student Group filter set to your current group and the Time Period set to the Last 30 Days. Change the defaults if desired.


    In order for a student to appear in the report, they must have encountered but not mastered a skill a certain amount of times in the time period you've selected. (The exact number of times varies depending on the skill.) The default time period was chosen to allow sufficient time for skill evaluation.

    In this example, there are a total of 2 students in the report, as indicated in the All Skill Areas header at the top of the report. One of the 2 students needs help with Phonological Awareness, they both need help with Phonics, and 1 needs assistance with writing.
  5. Use the carats to expand and contract the Skill Areas and view the students who are striving towards proficiency in each specific skill.
  6. Click Print to print the report or save it as a PDF.


    The report prints at the level highlighted in purple in the All Skill Areas navigation bar; to print the entire report, be sure All Skill Areas is highlighted.