Viewing daily and weekly usage (Imagine Español students)

Imagine Español (IE) students can view their daily minutes and weekly minutes of program usage via the Pause screen. The timer resets every Sunday and displays the number of minutes students have been active in the program from Sunday of the current week until the current day. Active time includes time in all activities—all lessons plus assessments and reward areas. Time on the logout countdown screen is considered idle time and is not included.


The Imagine Español Usage report calculates and displays the time students spend on assessments and in their prescribed sequence of activities. It does not include loading time for activities. Therefore, the time reported to students will often be higher than the time reflected in the Usage report, because the student time tracker does count loading time.


Have students record their usage information in a Student Session Tracker. Several versions are available for Teachers and Administrators in the Teacher Resources > Offline Resources > Home & Classroom Resources section of IE. 

To view usage time in IE (steps for students):

  1. At any time during a session, students can click the Pause button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Usage time for the current day and week displays in the bottom left corner of the screen.


Students who use both Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Español should be aware that the daily and weekly times display for both programs combined. Teachers and Administrators can view usage for each program separately via the Usage reports in the educator dashboard.