Requesting an Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test Analysis

The Testing Activity report allows only District Administrators to request a Benchmark test analysis from Imagine Galileo. School Administrators, and other District- and School-level users can view status only. In order to receive the advanced statistical data analysis of Benchmark Assessments, state data forecasting must be provided to Imagine Galileo. To ensure accuracy of data analysis, Imagine Galileo prefers at least 80% of scheduled students complete the test. Once a school or organization is satisfied with the test completion rate, request an analysis of the test.


Scheduling assessments impacts the completion percentage. For example, if a school schedules a test for all 150 students but only 85 are required to complete the test, the test is ready for analysis though the percentage is 56.

To request a test analysis

  1. Click Reports > Monitoring > Testing Activity.


  2. Click the School & Grade drop-down to filter the report by School, Test Grade (optional), or Student Grade


  3. Select the Date Range for which you want to view a report.


  4. Click All Tests, Only include benchmark tests, or Only include formative tests.


  5. Click Run Report.


  6. The Ready for Analysis section shows if a test is ready for an Imagine Learning test analysis. A red exclamation point ( rExPoint.png ) indicates that test participation has not reached 80% and is not ready for analysis.

    Click Ready For Analysis to submit a test for analysis.

    A gray check ( gcheck.png ) appears after a test has been submitted to Imagine Learning for analysis.


  7. A successful analysis returns a Success message. Click OK.


  8. Test state data not submitted by your district or organization cannot be analyzed and returns an Error. Click the Submit State Test Page link to enter the data.