Family Guide to the Imagine Galileo Benchmark Tests

Imagine Galileo Benchmarks are standards-aligned and research-based tests that provide insights into students' overall ability. Imagine Galileo benchmarks are comprehensive, much like the state test. Each benchmark measures a wide sampling of the grade-level standards that your student will be instructed on that year. The test results guide teacher-led instruction and intervention in your student’s classroom. 

The first benchmark of the year provides a baseline or starting point on your student's path to grade-level learning. As the school year unfolds, your student's school will administer additional benchmarks and be able to look back on this starting point and see the growth and learning your student has accomplished. 

Imagine Galileo Benchmarks are tests that students receive to help educators and families learn what your students may already know and what they may not yet know. This information will adjust instruction to best meet your student’s needs.

After your student has completed an Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test you can view a series of reports in the Imagine Galileo K-12 Student-Family Center that will show you the standards and skills that your student is proficient in and the standards that your student is still working towards proficiency. 

Viewing Imagine Galileo Benchmark Test data

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo using the login information provided by your student's teacher. If you are having difficulty, contact your student’s teacher or contact Imagine Learning support.
  2. Click Galileo.

    global login_studentHL.png

  3. Once logged in, you may access several user options located in the blue menu bar at the top of Imagine Galileo K-12 Student-Family Center. Use the table below the menu to learn how to navigate the Imagine Galileo K-12 Student-Family Center.
    Icon  Description
    Take_Test_button.png Click the Take Test icon to see a list of tests that have been assigned to your student.
    Assignments_button.png Click the Assignments icon to see a list of assignments that have been assigned to your student. 

    Click the Test Results icon to see your student's Benchmark Test scores and the scores of any other test your student's teacher may have assigned using Imagine Galileo. You can view your student's Individual Development Profile, Performance Levels across subjects report, and the Performance Levels across test report.


    If you do not see test scores, your students have not yet taken an Imagine Galileo test or your teacher has not selected the testing option that shares scores with the K-12 Student-Family Center. Contact your student's teacher for additional testing information.

    Click a test name to download and print a PDF of the individual development profile report.


    calendar Click the Calendar icon to view the dates a test is available to your student. 
    select Click the Select Language drop-down and choose a language in which to view the Imagine Galileo K-12 Student-Family Center.


    All Imagine Galileo reports display in English.

Interpreting Benchmark Test data

Individual Development Profile

The Individual Development Profile shows how your student performed on specific grade-level standards that have been assessed throughout the year. Use the labeled guide below to help you navigate the report.


Label Description
(A) Scheduled Tests The test for the report is listed under the Selected Test heading.
(B) Score The student’s points earned out of points possible and their score on each test.
(C) Standards The state standard assessed. These are important essential standards students should master.
(D) Test number The test associated with the student’s mastery category (E) and percentage of items correct (F).
(E) Mastery Category The student’s standards mastery is demonstrated on each test. This is determined by the percentage of items correctly answered that were aligned to the standard. The possible mastery categories are: Emerging (0-59%), Developing (40%-59%), Approaching (60-79%) and Mastery (80%- 100%).
(F) Percentage Correct The percentage of test items correct determines your student’s mastery category (E).

Performance Levels across subjects

The Performance Levels Across All Subjects report shows your student's benchmark subject areas that were tested, the number of tests for each subject area, and your students’ Performance Level, in parenthesis, for each subject area.


Performance Levels across tests

Performance Levels across Tests report shows your student’s benchmark performance level for each test within a single subject area that was tested. Your student’s Developmental Level (DL) Score is provided as well as their Performance Level on each test.

Click the Subjects drop-down to access benchmark performance data for other subject areas where benchmark data is available. It is not uncommon for students to only have one test subject area available.