Understanding the Imagine Galileo K-12 Student-Family Resource Center

Educators and families can agree on the importance of forming a partnership of learning for their children. In our continuing effort to use technology to connect teachers, parents, and students, Imagine Learning offers the Imagine Galileo K-12 Student-Family Center.

Academic goals are best achieved when the student, teacher, and families work together. Teachers and parents can identify academic strengths and areas of growth to benefit the student. Through this collaboration, parents and teachers are supported in making informed decisions regarding the academic needs of the student. The Imagine Galileo K-12 Student-Family Center is a secure area where students and parents can access up-to-date personal information about academic performance from benchmark tests and teacher-created assessments. 

To help families get started using the K-12 Student-Family Center, users should access the center with a device that has the appropriate system requirements using the information provided by their student's teacher.