Locating offline resources and standards correlations documents in Imagine Language & Literacy

Thousands of offline materials are available within Imagine Language & Literacy, ranging from printables and posters to reteaching lesson plans and standards alignment documents. These resources can be used independently of the program to provide additional support and practice for students or to provide additional details on the program content to teachers, administrators, and families. Offline resources align directly with Imagine Language & Literacy curriculum and help you plan lessons or one-on-one intervention sessions based on the same content your students see in-program. 

To access Offline Resources:

  1. Log in to Imagine Language & Literacy
  2. Click Teacher Resources.

  3. Click the arrow in the Offline Resources drop-down menu and then select a sub-category.
    all printouts new.png

  4. Once in a sub-category, click the arrows to expand/contract the lists of resources. 
    all printouts.png

  5. Click on the title to open the resource.
    From here the resource can be downloaded/printed.
    printable resource.png

 Available Offline Resources include:

Offline Resource and Example Description 
All Printouts

Printouts reinforce and extend the skills that students learn in Imagine Language & Literacy. They help build automaticity and allow students to demonstrate the skills they are learning.

All Classroom Activities

Classroom activities are creative, kinesthetic, or social activities that help reinforce and extend what students learn in Imagine Language & Literacy. Each classroom activity includes a learning objective, target skills, materials (including any printouts), and steps to conduct the activity.

All Lesson Plans

Imagine Language & Literacy includes over 200 offline reteaching lesson plans to target specific skills such as letter sounds, onset-rime blending, vowel teams, high-frequency words, and others.

Each reteaching lesson plan includes a list of materials (including printouts such as flashcards) and preparation tasks, as well as a scripted lesson plan. 


You can download a PDF of all the Reteaching Plans in that curriculum area, or open each one individually.

all lesson plans.png

Classroom Resources

Classroom Resources contain offline materials to help you reward your students and track their progress.
Here you'll find:

  • Posters and Banners
  • Yard Signs
  • Class progress trackers and student session trackers
  • Coloring pages
  • Achievement certificates
  • Sticker templates

Home Connections Resources

Home Connection Resources are family letters, language booklets, and achievement certificates that you can use to inform parents and caregivers about the Imagine Language & Literacy program. These materials are available in several languages.

Crosswalks & Correlations
Example Grade 2 Crosswalk:
Example Common Core ELA standards:

The crosswalk documents identify which Imagine Language & Literacy lessons correlate most closely with specific topics and skills in the units, modules, and lessons in core literacy programs. By showing where the programs intersect with each other, you can supplement and enhance student learning.

Imagine Language & Literacy curriculum supports standards-based education and correlates with state-specific, WIDA, DIBELS, ELPA21, and national (Common Core) education standards.