Earning student rewards in Imagine Language & Literacy

Students who successfully complete Imagine Language & Literacy and Imagine Español activities can earn Booster Bits to spend on customizing their avatar, visiting the Imagine Museum exhibits and games, and leveling up—which unlocks new exhibits in the Imagine Museum.


To make sure that students have adequate engagement by unlocking new museum activities and purchasing new assets throughout the school year, Imagine Learning resets Booster Bits, avatars, XP, and any purchased assets for all Imagine Language & Literacy or Imagine Español students before August of each year.

Earning Booster Bits

Student-earned Booster Bits

The better a student performs in Imagine Language & Literacy or Imagine Español, the faster they'll get to the Imagine Museum, and the more frequently they'll visit. A student earns a museum trip when they have accumulated 1000 Booster Bits, and a student earns a new level each time they earn a museum trip. New levels unlock items in an exhibit. The rewards screen displays the student's museum level, and when they unlock new levels, that number updates automatically.

Collected Booster Bits and all purchased items in either Imagine Language & Literacy or Imagine Español go to one bank. So, if a student goes between products, their level, Booster Bits, and purchased items are shared between both products.

Booster Bit values

Color Value How students earn them
Purple 50 points Indirectly. Purple Booster Bits are awarded when green Booster Bits are randomly turned purple.
Blue 30 points Directly. Blue Booster Bits are awarded when a student answers every question in an Imagine Language & Literacy or Imagine Español activity correctly.
Green 20 points Directly. Only green Booster Bits can be randomly turned into purple Booster Bits.
Silver 20 points Directly. Silver Booster Bits are awarded by a teacher upon reviewing student writings or recordings in Portfolio in the Literacy portal.
Yellow 10 points Directly.
Orange Varies

Directly. The value of an orange Booster Bit varies depending on the activity and student performance. For example, the Vocab Dash activity awards students an orange Booster Bit that corresponds to the number of fruit collected by the student in the activity. In other activities, the value of orange Booster Bits is based on the number of correct answers. If the student answers 10 questions correctly, the value of the orange Booster Bits is 50: 5 points for each correct answer.


Orange Booster Bits are not available in all activities.

Red 0 points


Teacher-awarded Booster Bits

As teachers review student work in the Literacy Portfolio, they can award Booster Bits based on effort, improvement and growth. If a writing or recording has not yet been awarded Booster Bits, a "Not Reviewed" notification appears. For audio recordings, teachers may consider factors such as speed, missed words, pronunciation, and expression. For writing samples, teachers may consider how well the student followed the instructions, punctuation and spelling errors, and used his or her own words. Teachers may select to award 1, 3, or 5 silver Booster Bits (worth 20 points each), or none. Students receive these Booster Bits the next time they encounter the Booster Bit Reward Screen in a session. Students must be using version 1.100 or later of the Imagine Learning app to see these Booster Bits


If a teacher awards Booster Bits to a student while they are in the middle of a session, the student may not receive them. Students see any Booster Bits that their teacher has awarded to them when they log in.


The same Booster Bit collection behavior for regular Booster Bits applies to teacher-awarded silver Booster Bits. A student can hover over them to collect them. If no action is taken, the Booster Bits are collected automatically.

Visiting the Imagine Museum

Once a student earns 1000 Booster Bits, they qualify to go to the Imagine Museum, a rewards activity. The Imagine Museum rewards activity has a 90-second time limit. Each visit is a maximum of 90 seconds. If a student skips the opportunity to go to the Imagine Museum, they must accrue another 1000 Booster Bits before they have an opportunity to visit again.


Not all Imagine Language & Literacy or Imagine Español activities provide students with the opportunity to earn Booster Bits.

Imagine Museum exhibits

Exhibit Description

(about 8 minutes)

Character Builder

What students do: Students create and customize their own avatar, and unlock this exhibit the first time they visit the museum.

(about 5 minutes)

Mazel Cannon

What students do: Students see how far they can shoot a Mazel from a cannon. Students unlock the Mazel Cannon the first time they visit the museum.

(about 8 minutes)

Monkey Business

What students do: Students customize a habitat for Monkey. Students unlock the Monkey Business exhibit when they reach Level 7.

(about 5 minutes)

Smoothie Operator

What students do: Students make a smoothie for Monkey. Students unlock the Smoothie Operator exhibit when they reach Level 13.

(about 8 minutes)

Mazel Mine

What students do: Students customize a Mazel, a cart, and a roller coaster, then go for a ride. Students unlock the Mazel Mine exhibit when they reach Level 19.

Leveling Up

Students earn a new level each time they earn a museum trip (1000 booster bits). Students may choose not to go to the museum, but they'll still level up. Within the Imagine Museum, a Level Bar is displayed in the lower right-hand corner.

The rewards screen indicates a student's level number, and updates automatically when a level is unlocked.

Sometimes advancing to a new level means access to a new activity, like Smoothie Operator. However, sometimes advancing to a new level means unlocking rewards within an activity. For example, levels 4 and 5 open up more options for a student while creating their avatar—glasses, hats, shirt logos, etc.


A student’s Booster Bits balance doesn't correlate with their Imagine Museum level because it doesn't include the value of Booster Bits previously spent by the student while playing Imagine Museum activities.