Understanding the Imagine Galileo student dashboard

The Imagine Galileo student dashboard is the starting point for all actions that students can take within Imagine Galileo. 

Student Dashboard

Students: You have access to your dashboard immediately upon logging in to Imagine Galileo. If you have more than one class, select a class from the Class drop-down menu; you will have a different information in your tiles based upon the class selection.

To view the Imagine Galileo student dashboard:

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo.
  2. Use the table below to learn about each tile on the dashboard.
    Icon  Description
    Click Take Test to see your list of assigned tests. Click the Play button to begin taking the test. Refer to the testing user interface instructions for more details on taking a test.
    Click Assignments to see your list of assignments.

    Click Test Results to see your Benchmark Test scores and any other tests taken in Imagine Galileo. You can view your Individual Development Profile, Performance Levels across subject reports, and Performance Levels across test reports.


    If you do not see test scores, you haven't taken the test yet or your teacher has not selected the testing option that shares scores with students. Contact your teacher for additional testing information.

    Click a test name to download and print a PDF of the Individual Development Profile report.

    Click the Calendar to view the dates each test or assignment is available to you. Use the forward and back arrows to navigate to past or future dates. From the left side of the page, you can also launch a test or assignment. 

    select Click the Google Select Language drop-down list in the top right corner of the page and choose a language in which to view the Imagine Galileo K-12 Student Dashboard.


    All Imagine Galileo reports will display in English.

  3. Once you have clicked into a tile, click the Launchpad icon in the top right corner to return to the dashboard.