Understanding the Imagine Galileo Student Dashboard

The Imagine Galileo Student Dashboard provides students access to different sections that provide tools needed to complete tasks in Imagine Galileo

Student Dashboard

All students have access to their dashboards upon logging in to Imagine Galileo.


Viewing the Imagine Galileo Student Dashboard

  1. Log in to Imagine Galileo using the login information provided by your student's teacher. If you are having difficulty, contact your student’s teacher or contact Imagine Learning support.
  2. Click Imagine Assessment: Galileo


  3. Once logged in, students may access several user options. Use the table below the menu to learn how to navigate the Imagine Galileo K-12 Student Dashboard.
    Icon  Description
    Take_Test_button.png Click Take Test to see a list of tests assigned to your student.
    Assignments_button.png Click Assignments to see a list of assignments assigned to your student. 

    Click Test Results to see your student's Benchmark Test scores and the scores of any other test your student's teacher may have assigned using Imagine Galileo. You can view your student's Individual Development Profile, Performance Levels across subject reports, and Performance Levels across test reports.


    If you do not see test scores, your students have not yet taken an Imagine Galileo test or your teacher has not selected the testing option that shares scores. Contact your student's teacher for additional testing information.

    Click a test name to download and print a PDF of the individual development profile report.



    Click the Calendar to view the dates a test is available to your student. 

    select Click the Google Select Language drop-down list and choose a language in which to view the Imagine Galileo K-12 Student Dashboard.


    All Imagine Galileo reports will display in English.