Lesson components in Imagine Math Facts

After students log in to Imagine Math Facts, they'll choose the operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division) that they want to practice and choose which animated character they want to use. Then they'll experience these lesson components as part of their math practice. Students will experience each lesson component at different times depending on their math fluency and computer literacy.

Component Description
Tutorial This short tutorial shows students how to use the keyboard to answer questions they'll encounter.
Typing Test Students receive a typing test before each operation, which provides an initial baseline for the student's typing speed. The typing test is designed to separate recall speed from total response time.

Students receive a Pre-test before each operation to determine which math facts they know and which ones they are still learning. Plan about 15-20 minutes for your students to complete the Pre-Test. Once a student begins the Pre-Test, they must finish it during the same student session or restart the Pre-Test on their next login.

The Pre-Test isn't graded, but Educators can see Pre-Test results by checking the Student Progress Report. If a student receives an Imagine Math Facts Pre-test score that doesn't seem appropriate for their skill level, you can reassign the Pre-Test to the student so they can retake it.

Instruction This is the actual gameplay of Imagine Math Facts. Students must answer math facts correctly in order to defeat their enemies, aka "bosses", as they move from one level to another across different virtual landscapes.  
Retention  Students receive targeted review questions similar to those they failed to answer correctly during instruction. After showing mastery in all retention levels, students will receive the Post-Test.

Students receive a Post-Test after demonstrating fact mastery while working through the various levels of Imagine Math Facts. Plan 15-20 minutes for students to complete the Post-Test. Once a student begins the Post-Test, they must finish it during the same student session or restart the Post-Test on their next login.

Students who score below 95% on a Post-Test will return to retention to work on their missed facts. After showing mastery in retention, they will receive another Post-Test. Students that score 90% or better on the Post-Test receive a certificate for passing that operation that displays their Pre-Test and Post-Test Scores. Students can then exit the operation or retest to attempt to earn a higher score. Students who score 95% or better on the Post-Test will receive credit for unlocking Ninja Mode in addition to receiving the certificate.

If Operation Ordering has been enabled, students can move on to the next operation after passing a Post-Test.  By default, the order of operations is addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. If Operation Ordering has not been enabled, students can select the next operation they want to work on.  

Ninja Mode When students unlock Ninja Mode, they can replay the different operations with increasing difficulty. Ninja Mode requires students to answer questions with faster response times. There are three levels of difficulty within Ninja mode: Ninja Apprentice, Ninja, and Ninja Master.