Accessing Guided Notes for a lesson

Educators can access Guided Notes, which are partially completed worksheets that scaffold the process of taking notes. They are printable worksheets that are designed to support students through the instructional part of the lesson. Guided Notes include unlabeled diagrams, graphic organizers, and fill-in-the-blank prompts that help guide students in knowing what important information to include while taking notes. Guided Notes are available in grades 6-12 and each come with a teacher and student version. For lessons that have Guided Notes, Educators can download and print/email to students, use them as printed material, or complete them with students in a traditional pen + paper activity. Since Guided Notes are on printable PDFs only, we are considering future improvements to these pdfs and welcome any feedback or suggestions. Students can access the Guided Notes from their Course Map. 

To access Guided Notes for a lesson

Teachers School Admins (One School) School Admins (2+ Schools), District Admins
  1. Select the class tile.

Continue on with the following steps: 

  1. On the Class Summary page, select the student's name under Students to Focus On.
  2. Under the options icon MP-Class_Summary-mark_as_passed-more_options_icon.png for the desired lesson, click Lesson Resources. 
  3. Click a link to view the guided notes.
  4. The PDF file will open in a new tab.