Overview of Imagine Español reports

As you implement Imagine Español (IE), there are several reports available to help you review student performance and make educational decisions on next steps for your students. 


All reports should update to reflect student activity/usage within 1 hour.

Below is a summary of each report:

a.  Usage report

  • View students' current actual usage time in IE for this school year as well as their predicted usage time by the end of the year

b.  Benchmark Growth report

  • View students' current percentage correct for each of the 3 Benchmark assessments as well as growth between assessments

c.  Progress by Unit report

  • Interpret student performance on a unit-by-unit basis
  • View which lessons each student has skipped (tested out of), have completed, or are currently working
  • View average scores for each unit as well as actual scores for each lesson in the unit (as far back as 2 academic years)

d. Skills Inventory (Student Progress) report

  • Identify students' proficiency in all skill areas or a specific skill area of your choosing

e. Grouping report 

  • Identify which students need additional assistance in key skill areas; use to form small groups for intervention

f. Program Level Gains report (Administrators only)

  • View students' current placement in the curriculum as compared to their starting point in the curriculum at the beginning of this academic year
  • Identify the numbers and percentages of students working above, on, or below grade level 

Administrators can also export data from IE:

a. Cumulative Performance report 

  • Download a filterable, customizable CSV file of usage time and lesson pass rates