Redeeming THINK Points to design your avatar (Imagine Math 3+ students)

Imagine Math 3+ students can choose to spend their THINK Points on designing their avatars, donating to the classroom goal, or giving to charity


Check the Contests tab in your Imagine Math account for information on special avatar pieces available for purchase at different times throughout the year. 


To design your avatar:

  1. Log in to the Imagine Math student dashboard.
  2. Click Redeem at the top of the student dashboard.


  3. In the Design Your Avatar section, click Design Avatar.


  4. Select a category on the left. Items you can afford display with a white price tag.


  5. Click the item you wish to purchase. The program will show you how many points you'll have left if you buy the item.
  6. If you are allowed to change the color of the item, you'll see your choices at the top of the screen.
  7. Click Reset if you no longer wish to purchase the item. Otherwise, click Save.
  8. Click YES to confirm the purchase.mceclip6.png
  9. Click Exit in the top right corner to return to Home Screen.mceclip8.png
  10. The updated avatar displays. 


If you print certificates for lessons passed, your current avatar will display on the certificate. mceclip10.png mceclip11.png