Editing an assignment


This article applies to the following products:

  • Imagine MyPath
  • Imagine Purpose
  • Imagine Science Corner

Educators can modify the assignment's name, icon, status (close or delete), due date, including adding or removing students. You can use the Assignment Builder to add students to assignments in progress. When an assignment is closed, it will be taken off the student portal, regardless of whether or not the student has completed all of the lessons. Further, deleting an assignment will remove it from both the student portal and the reporting, regardless of whether or not the students started the assignment. 


Changing an assignment status from active to closed or deleting an assignment cannot be reversed.

To edit an assignment:

  1. Choose Assignment Builder.
  2. Select the assignment title in the Assigned view. For Drafts view information view assignment builder drafts.
    assignmentbuild_assigned upd.png
  3. Click edit ( edit_pencil_icon.png ) on the Status card.
  4. Choose Close assignment or Delete assignment, then click Change Status.


To add or remove students from an assignment:


Students can only be added to active assignments and not after the due date has passed.

  1. Click edit ( edit_pencil_icon.png ) on the Students card.
  2. Select the plus sign ( assignment_builder_plus_icon.png ) in Available Students to add students, or select the minus sign ( assignment_builder_minus_icon.png ) in Selected Students to remove students.
    editing an assign_edit students.png
  3. Verify students appear in the correct columns and click Save.