Editing an assignment


This article applies to the following products:

  • Imagine MyPath
  • Imagine Purpose
  • Imagine Science Corner

The Assignment Summary is specific for each teacher-created assignment, allowing teachers to not only view each student's progress, time spent on the task, and performance toward lesson mastery, but also review student assignment data, and edit an assignment if necessary. Edits include updating the assignment name, icon, status (close or delete an assignment), and due date, as well as adding or removing students from an assignment. Any changes made to the Assignment Summary page will not impact the folder in which the lessons were initially created. However, if a student has not yet completed their assignment, any edits made to that assignment will be visible in their portal the next time they log in. Students who require attention, such as those who have not started the assignment or have not passed the mastery check, are listed at the top of the table. You can access a student's completed activity or mastery check by selecting it, allowing you to see how the student responded to the questions. Additionally, you can download lesson resources directly from this page.

Use the Assignment Builder to add students to assignments in progress. When an assignment is closed, it will be removed from the student portal, even if a student has not completed all lessons. Deleting an assignment will remove it from both the student portal and reporting, regardless of whether or not the student started the assignment.  


Changing an assignment status from active to closed or deleting an assignment cannot be reversed. 

To edit an assignment:

  1. Log in to the Imagine MyPath suite.
  2. Choose Assignment Builder on the left navigation.
  3. Select an assignment card in the Assigned view to view the Assignment Summary. The assignment card links to the Assignment Summary, which displays information for all assigned lessons.

    To view your list of drafts click Drafts in the upper navigation.  
    ABLD_assigned assignHL_no form.png

  4. Click edit ( edit_pencil_icon.png ) on the Status card of the Assignment Summary.
    Click here to view Assignment Summary Details 

    The Assignment Summary displays information for all assigned lessons.

    Name Description

    The status card displays the status of the assignment. Assignments can be in an active or closed status. Closure can be initiated manually by the teacher or automatically upon student completion.

    Students The number of students assigned to the assignment.  
    Due Date

    The assignment due date is flexible and not set in stone. It serves as a guideline for when the teacher would like students to complete the assignment. The assignment remains open for as long as the teacher deems necessary, allowing students the flexibility to work on it at their own pace.

    Date Created The date the assignment was created.
    Lesson The number of lessons contained in the assignment toward the number of lessons assigned within this assignment. 
    • Assigned lesson not started (classprogleg_not started box.png)
    • Lesson in progress (classprogleg_in progress box.png)
    • Completed lesson (completed lessons icon.png)
    • Passed lesson with a score of 80% and above (lesson passed.png)
    • Lesson not passed with a score of 79% and below (lesson not passed.png)
    • Students to focus on (students to focus on.png) who might be encountering challenges with the assigned lessons
    Active Time The amount of time students spend on an assignment.
    Assignment cards

    Lessons students have been assigned.

    In this example, the student was assigned 3 different lessons, represented by the different colored blocks.

    3lessons - assignment builder_lesson cardHL.png

  5. Choose Close assignment or Delete assignment, then click Change Status.



To modify an assignment's name and icon:

  1. Click edit ( edit_pencil_icon.png ) next to the assignment's name at the top left of the screen. 
    change assignment nameHL.png
  2. Enter the new assignment name and select an icon, then click Save
    change assignment name_iconHL.png

To add or remove students from an assignment:


Students can only be added to active assignments before their due date. 

  1. Click edit ( edit_pencil_icon.png ) on the Students card.
  2. To add students to an assignment: Select the plus sign next to a student (click right arrow.png to view student names and enrolled grades) or class in Available Students, on the left of the screen.

    To remove students from an assignment: Choose (–) Remove All in Selected Students, on the right of the screen.

  3. Click Save after verifying students appear in the correct columns.