Creating and assigning an assignment


This article applies to the following products:

  • Imagine MyPath
  • Imagine Purpose
  • Imagine Science Corner

Teachers can use the Assignment Builder to create and assign lessons to students in their classes. Administrators can create assignments, though may only assign them when associated with a class.


Assignment data is visible only to the educator who assigned it.

Content in Assignment Builder is organized as Assigned or Drafts. The Assigned view displays items that have been assigned to students, giving teachers a quick overview of their students performance on all active and completed assignments. This information visually indicates whether students have begun the assignment and whether they have achieved mastery of the lesson through passing or failing scores. Teachers are notified when an assignment's due date has passed. By clicking an assignment title, teachers can access the Assignment Summary, which is automatically generated for each assignment. 

ABLD_assigned viewHL_no form.png

The Drafts view enables teachers to store drafts of their assignments and return to them later to add or refine lessons before assigning them to their students. Drafts are automatically saved when created or updated. You can filter drafts by using the subjects dropdown menu or search for a draft in the Search field. The Lessons column contains the number of lessons in the draft. Select more options ( more_options_upd.png ) to the right of the draft row to update or delete it. Click the lesson title to continue in the assignment wizard. If there are no drafts for the selected subject, access the lesson explorer to start creating an assignment.

ABLD draftsview_no formHL.png

To create an assignment

  1. Log in to the Imagine MyPath suite.
  2. Click Assignment Builder on the left navigation. 
  3. Select a Subject and Enrolled Grade, and click Access Lesson Explorer.
    ABLD lesson expl_no form.png
  4. Use the preset filters or search bar, if necessary, to reduce the number of lesson results and find available age-appropriate MyPath Reading or Math lessons for Grades K-12, and K-5 Purpose or Science lessons.
    Click here to view available filters
    Filter Description
    Reset Filters Clears filters.
    Active Filters Currently selected filters.
    Subject Filters by core subjects Math, Reading, Science, or Purpose.
    Enrolled Grade Filters by rostered grade.
    Lesson Skill Level

    Below - Filters by below grade level lessons. 

    On - Filters by lessons on grade levels.

    Above - Filters by above grade level lessons.

    Appropriate For Filters by lessons appropriate for the selected enrolled grade level.


    Click a lesson title to display the lesson details, preview lesson activities, and download lesson resources.

    ABDLD content exp_addtobtn_filt&searchlHL.png

  5. Use the checkboxes to select lessons, then click Add to.


    If a student has Spanish Language turned on for math or science in their profile and you assign a math or science assignment with a Spanish version, the student will receive the lesson in Spanish. 

    ABLD add toHL.png

  6. Choose New Assignment or Existing Draft

    ABLD addto_new assignHL.png

Click a tab below to learn about the option.

New Assignment Existing Draft
  1. Click New Assignment, enter a name for the assignment, then click Continue to save the assignment. 
    ABLD enter name_new assignHL.png
  2. After identifying the preferred lessons, you can click and drag the lessons to change the order in which students receive them, including removing ( ABLD_delete.png ) and adding a lesson from an assignment. 

  3. Click Assign, above the selected lessons, to immediately assign the lessons to students.

    assgnbldr_click drag.gif


To assign lessons to students 

Use the Assignment Wizard to continue with the following steps to define the selected assignment.

  1. Click Select Full Class to assign lessons to an entire class or click a class name to choose individual students for the assignment. You can also use the search to find students.Assignment
  2. Verify the correct students were added to the Selected Students column on the right side of the page, then click Continue.
  3. Create a unique student-geared name for the assignment, then choose Select due date for the assignment and enter a date, or use the calendar to select a due date. Assigning a due date is optional. If you do not wish to assign a due date, select No due date, and click Continue.


    Assignments with a due date remain active for students who have not completed the assignment.

    creating assignment_create detailsHL.png

  4. Select an assignment icon, and click Continue. No icon is selected by default.


    Assignment icons are visual identifiers for students who may struggle with reading assignment titles. Icons are unique to each subject and are only required if any of the selected students are in K-12.

    creating assignment_iconHL.png

  5. Make any necessary changes, verify the information is correct, then click Finish


    You can edit students, assignment names, assignment icons, and due dates. However, you cannot add or remove lessons. To make changes to the lessons, navigate back to the assignment builder and create a new assignment.  

    creating assignment_summaryHL.png

  6. Click Assignment Summary Page on the confirmation that appears to view or edit the assignment. The assignment will be visible to students on their next login.