Accessing the Student Activity Report in Imagine Math

The Student Activity Report provides Teachers with a near real-time in-class status of student activity in Imagine Math. This allows Teachers to watch as students move through the program, keeping them on track and efficiently moving through the program. 

To view the Student Activity Report 

  1. Log in to the Math Suite. If this is your first time logging in, click Imagine Math.


  2.  Click Reports, then Activity. A blank screen displays. 


  3. If you have more than one classroom, click the Select Classroom drop-down list and choose the desired classroom.


  4. The Logged In and Logged Out tabs display. Students currently signed in show on the Logged In tab. In this example, John Doe is logged in and currently on the Dashboard. loggedin_tab.png
  5. In this example, John Doe has moved to a lesson. Click the drop-down arrow ( dropdown_arrow.png ) to view the lesson activity and item in which the student is working.

    Knowing where students are located in a lesson enables Teachers to support students who may need assistance.

    lesson.png lesson_details.png

  6. When students log out, their card turns gray and returns to the Logged Out tab. logged_out.png