Teacher signup via site code in Imagine Robotify

Once District Administrators or School Administrators provide Teachers with an invite code to join a district/school, Teachers can sign up in Imagine Robotify, enter the code, join their district/school, then create classes and manage students

To sign up and join a district/school:

  1. Sign up in Imagine Robotify by choosing the Teacher account type and entering your email and password.

    The password requirements:

    • Make sure your password isn't too similar to other personal information.
    • Password must contain at least eight characters.
    • Password should not be commonly used.
    • Password cannot be completely numeric.
  2. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  3. Select the widget icon ( statsicon.png ) at the top right of the screen after logging in.


  4. Enter the invite code on the Join/Unlock Code field and click Submit.