Creating projects in Imagine Robotify

A project in Imagine Robotify is a gamified programming task in the context of solving a real-world problem. Some tasks have a concrete goal such as getting your robot through a maze or moving a package from point A to point B, while other projects are more open-ended, such as drawing simple geometric shapes.

For every project, a narrative helps pique student interest. Here is the narrative for the project called Byte Catch:

Mars Mission Control needs you to upgrade Byte's programming. Mars' base is getting damaged by sandstorms; they need to stop rocks from hitting it! Your mission is to catch all the balls that are being thrown at Byte. To do this, Mars Mission Control needs you to develop a "catch" algorithm in Byte's testing environment.

Lesson plans, student worksheets, and other supporting materials for projects are located at Educator Home > Educator Resources > Project Resources

We recommend starting with the Educator Guide to get the big-picture view of what each project entails. Most projects will take about 8 hours to complete, although you'll only need 1 hour for the drawing projects. Refer to the Sequencing section of the Educator Guide for a timeline specific to each project. 

After reading the Educator Guide, follow the steps below to create your project. 


Both Students and Educators can create projects. However, students do not have access to the Educator Resources page, so be sure to provide students with the assistance and materials—such as the Student Worksheets—they need to complete their work.

To create projects:

  1. Log in to Imagine Robotify.
  2. Select Projects on the left menu.
  3. The My Projects page displays; click Create Project.

  4. Name the project and enter a description. Next, choose the programming language, Python or Blockly, and click the circle to select the project environment. Then, click Add project at the bottom of the window.

  5. Do one of the following:
    Button Action
    Click the X button. 
    Returns you to your My Projects page, where you will see your new project in the list of All Projects.

    Click Check your Project.
    Loads your project so you can begin coding.


    Click << Back in the top left corner to return to the My Projects page.

    Click Create More Projects.

    Loads the project creation screen so you can make another project.