Getting Started with Imagine Galileo ELA Benchmark

Imagine Learning provides Educators flexibility and choice for placing students in Imagine Language and Literacy. Imagine Language and Literacy, when integrated with the Imagine Galileo comprehensive assessment system, allows users to:

  • Give benchmark assessments to screen students for instructional placement at the beginning, middle, and end of each year. That means that three times a year you can evaluate your students' RTI tier designations. The system automatically places students on the most relevant instructional path.
  • Monitor student progress, allowing identification of standards gaps for each student. This allows Educators to assign Imagine Galileo‚Äôs prebuilt standards-based formatives for weekly or biweekly progress checks, or create their own flexible formatives from a large item bank.
  • Predict capabilities for state test outcomes to help determine if your instruction is pushing students towards proficiency, or if you need to make some adjustments

For more information on using Imagine Language and Literacy integrated with Imagine Galileo ELA Assessments, contact your Imagine Learning representative today.